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Farabi Toshiyuki Suzuki ● Magadan ● Daniel Jakeš & Jan Kruml ● LACH ● kura

11.3.2024 19:00 v Recykl Live Music Club

Farabi Toshiyuki Suzuki was born in Japan. He is a DJ and also plays several musical instruments: shamisen (japanese traditional string instrument), guitar, bass, synthesizer, percussion, self made instrument, as well as singing. He is a song writer and composes using his computer and a tape recorder. In 2016 he moved to Europe, Israel, and Asia in order to create music in those places. After returning to Japan, he edited the material performed and recorded in each country. His sound is developed upon the concept of “universal world”, advocated by philosopher Al Farabi. Recently he has formed the nepalese japanese band "Ek dui tin char". Also he contributes with his music to the work of mashup visual artist BacSoiBros. And then he released a lot of album from label of over the world.
Farabi seeks to synchronize primitive and futuristic approaches. Visual effects, phenomena, reverberation, and psychological factors are all taken in consideration at the same time.


Magadan - Prague based powerelectronics project reflecting on dark layers of human nature.


Jan Kruml & Daniel Jakeš - premiérová kolaborace mezi projekty Instinct Primal a Koroze.

LACH - experimentální harsh noise z města Hradce Králové

kura - audiovizuální projekt na ose Ostrava - Praha, nahrávka není, ale vystoupení na H. Mysteriích sklidilo velký ohlas!!