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Lantern /fin/ Proscription /fin/ Voluptas /cze/

21.4.2020 19:00 až 22:00 v Klub 007 Strahov

Finsko, Dark Descent a klub 007!!! Death metal!!

LANTERN (fin) - Dark Descent Records
Finland’s LANTERN emerged on its twisted and obscure path in 2007, when Cruciatus and Necrophilos founded this strange death metal entity. The aim was to create otherworldly metal exactly the way they wanted, beyond trends, beyond restrictions. With highly reverberated guitar tones and black metal influences carried forth from Cruciatus’ previous works, LANTERN came to be known from its epic, cavernous compositions, chilling leads, not to forget Necrophilos’ signature death metal bark to highlight the carefully crafted lyrics. The esoteric, Lovecraftian and occasionally even Fulci-esque horror in the texts has always transformed seamlessly into the warped riffs and ambitious song structures, best described as dissonant yet weirdly musical.

PROSCRIPTION (fin) – Dark Descent Records
As the Blackened Death Metal band Maveth was laid to rest, the burning passion for Death Metal never left the black heart of ChristButcher, the primus motor behind the band. The natural continuation of this malevolent creativity took its form as Proscription. While Maveth travelled more blackened paths, Proscription takes this formula plunging it further into the dark and brutal tunes of Death Metal. While the connection to Maveth is clear, Proscription carves its own sound. Take it from the haunting leads of Cruciatus to the deranged howls of Apep. All of it pulled together by the insanely fierce and bestial yet completely disciplined drumming of M.K. whose skills were recognized by Lvcifyre to join forces.

pražské rum black metalové komando