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Phurpa [RU], The Nent [IT], Skrei [IT]

16.1.2019 19:00 až 23:50 v Vila Štvanice

Jednota (this time ][, Arkham, Cáry mlhy, Letmo, Marast) presents:

Modern Bön III tour

[Ritual/ Dark Ambient/ Drone/ Throat Singing]

SKREI (it)
[Drone/ Noise/ Dark Ambient]

[Ambient/ Experimental / Field Recordings]

is a Russian collective that performs ritual music related to the Bön tradition - the oldest pre-Buddhist practice of Tibetan origin - as part of its unique performances. In their rituals, they use authentic ritual instruments and a specific tantric type of overtone singing (a kind of throat singing). The founder of the group is Alexei Tegin, who learned from the masters of the Gyumay and Gyuto orders.
Tegin began exploring traditional and ritual music in the early 1990s. After he began the Bön I Dzogchen practice, he decided to start Phurpa in 2003. All members of the collective regularly participate in the rituals and rituals of the Bön tradition, both in theory and in practice. Their performances are always full of symbolism and shamanic, meditative and mystical.

The Nent
Vince Gagliardi is a 3D artist and musician whose gradient dream-like aesthetic is rooted in a passion for broken ambient textures and eerie field recordings which he has gathered over the past fifteen years with the drive of documenting emotional stages of life.
The contact with music rekindled with the start of his audiovisual project The Nent, in which live percussions are combined to trigger sound and image in synesthetic fashion. The mix of dark ritual rhythm and surreal visual imagery challenge abstract connections that may occur in the perceiver’s mind at the flash of the seen and the heard.
He is a founding member of Berlin collective Metzger Therapie, which dedicates its activity to the promotion of immersive dark electronic music and noise projects.

Očekávaný rozpis -//- Expected time plan

19:00 door
19:15 Skrei
20:00 The Nent
20:45 Phurpa