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Shredded Nerve (USA), Jackson-Pratt (USA), NBDY, SKKKNGS

28.2.2023 19:00 v Recykl Live Music Club

Shredded Nerve (NYC • Chondritic Sound / Monorail Trespassing / No Rent / Total Black / New Forces)
Shredded Nerve is the solo noise project of Justin Lakes, formed in mid-2012 and based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Shredded Nerve began to take root after the dissolution/transformation of previous projects. Focusing primarily on layers and composition utilizing mostly tape loops along with junk metal, static and basic synthesizer drones

Jackson-Pratt (Monorail Trespassing / Troniks / Dead Gods / White Centipede Noise / Oxen) has quickly established himself as one of the best new American harsh noise artists through a series of blistering live performances as well as tapes on Dead Gods and Monorail Trespassing. Avoiding confinement to particular sub-genres or "flavors of the month," Jackson-Pratt expertly combines crunch, feedback, and punishing walls of noise for a fresh take on the classic "Americanoise" sound. I can't think of many artists that sounded this good this early in their career. Jackson-Pratt is truly ahead of the game, and New Forces is grateful to be able to document this upward trajectory.

NBDY is the central figure of Czech cut up harsh noise. Although his public performances are rare, he releases on important labels Stoned to Death, Pressor Tape, Tobira Records, Arbozen Electronics, Gerpfast Record. This evening will be the launch of his CD at Oxen Records.