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Soulbönding Trip 2021

9.9.2021 17:00 až 11.9.2021 23:45 v Soulkostel

The Soulbönding Trip for the fourth time!!

The Journey to the depths of the Czech - Poland borderline and also a Journey to the depths of your own mind for the fourth time. More like a community than a festival.
Three days of a calm retreat and perfect getaway. From whatever you want.


- Olaf Olafsonn and the Big Bad Trip
- Bön
- Maneki Neko
- Otus Hobst (sleepover ambient session)
- Vellocet Roll
- By the Spirits
- Lamia Vox
- Strıgə
- The Syndicate
- Acid Row
- Nedory Satori
- Albin Julius and Friends