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Stéphane Clor [fr] + Demetrio Cecchitelli [it]

19.4.2023 19:30 v Punctum - Krásovka

Punctum & Elia Moretti present:

Stéphane Clor - Rhizome
(violoncello piccolo, freeze, transducers & preparations)
Stéphane Clor's solo is a bad weed in constant metamorphosis which impregnates itself with the places which shelter it. He plays a piccolo cello altered by preparations and electronic elements, which makes it a polymorphous and versatile instrument. His soundscapes are composed of granular lines, vibratory incantations and saturated repetitions that the musician sculpts in imperceptible breaks, mapping the moment to reveal its multiplicity.
Stéphane Clor lives and work in Strasbourg, France. He creates music with string instruments, objects and rudimentary electronic systems. He also explores the fields of sound art, cartography, photography, drawing and ecology.


Demetrio Cecchitelli - Imagery Archive
(flute, patchwork, found sounds, granular synthesis, DSP)
"IMAGERY ARCHIVE" is an on-going research based on the spontaneousness and intuition of simple gestures compared to a deep sonic memory. The work has been presented in different contexts of the European music research environment within different typologies (radio-art work, sound performance, A\V live, and soon a record).
Demetrio Cecchitelli (b. 1997) is a research musician and composer, mainly active in the fields of ambient and electroacoustic music. Released worldwide on numerous record labels across Europe, United States, Russia and Japan. Performed in prominent contexts of the international electronic music scene. Collaborated, as sound designer, in the macro-area of performing arts with theatre company Motus (for "Everything Burns" trilogy) and NicoNote ("REGOLA"), among others.


19:30 doors
20:00 Stéphane Clor
21:00 Demetrio Cecchitelli