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XION invites : Public Memory (US), ba:zel (CZ)

10.11.2023 19:00 v Punctum - Krásovka

Xion Records in collaboration with A.M.180 collective presents:

After last year's unforgettable concert, Robert Toher returns with his music project Public Memory to Punctum - Krásovka. This time with the fresh album Elegiac Beat, which has been traditionally released on the well-known Felte Records label. The evening will be complemented by the witch-wave duo ba:zel, consisting of artists Daniel Vlcek and Ewelina Vlcek Chiu.

Public Memory
(Felte Records, US)

(Xion Records, CZ)


Public Memory is the solo pseudonym of Robert Toher, a Brooklyn-based musician who formerly served time as a member of Eraas and Apse. While those projects blurred the edges of rambling space rock and post-punk, Public Memory dives headlong down the electronic darkwave rabbit hole, exploring music from the recesses of the psychic landscape. Gritty atmospherics and damaged synths are invoke trip hop, dub or krautrock. Organic drums, emotive vocals, music that sounds like it could have been recorded at the bottom of a lake.

Ba:zel is a witch-wave duo made up of Ewelina Vlcek Chiu and Daniel Vlcek. Active since 2014, the duo has journeyed through a variety of unique genres such as experimental ASMR-electropop, neoclassical dark-wave to witch-wave. Over the years ba:zel has struck a tentative balance between dark, heavy bass and beats and floating, emotionally charged vocals.